How to Link Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number

Aadhaar Card

Now, you compulsion to associate Aadhaar Card behind mobile number to continue using the facilities of telecom companies. Recently, Government of India has announced that all sim card users craving to avow his mobile number as they need to colleague their aadhaar card subsequent to their mobile number to continue using their sim cards. In this articles, we are going to proclaim you why is it important to insist mobile number considering aadhaar card and how to associate aadhaar card to mobile number.

Before the inauguration of aadhaar card by presidency telecom companies issues sim card a propos Rashan card or added Id proofs and many users have been using sim card concerning the ID proof of supplementary person and this is directly signalling that there are the invincible amount of play a portion users. Fake users mean that users who are using sim cards of telecom companies without a proper identity proof or they have been using sim card regarding the Id proof of any auxiliary person and this issue can cause many damage to the economy in the far afield-off along.

So, Government of India has taken this matter seriously and has taken a step to cut off the perform users from the list of telecom companys registered members. Government of India has announced that all users needs to colleague addhaar card taking into account mobile number in order to continue availing facilities.

So, the questions arises here that does all sim card adherent needs to colleague aadhaar card as soon as mobile number? Well, the loud is yes, you dependence to update addhaar card taking into account mobile number of all telecom company whether it is vodafone, airtel, idea, reliance, telenor etc except Reliance Jio. You dont intensification to connect addhaar card once reliance jio mobile number as Jio has issued their sim cards nearly addhaar cards and no-one else.

If you are a sim card users of any telecom company except jio, you dependence to promote your mobile number then than your aadhaar card. So, you dont know very roughly aadhaar card mobile number registeration? Dont badly be feeble as we are going to pro you step by step that how to member aadhar card in the vent of mobile no.

Requirements :-

A original aadhaar card (It is not required but some retailers may demand for an indigenous document)

A photo copy of aadhaar card

Mobile number in description to which you hurting to colleague aadhaar card subsequent to.

Thats it. Collect these things and you are ready for aadhaar card mobile number registeration. Simply follow the steps knocked out.

Steps :-

1) Go to your nearest retailer once documents

2) Tell them that you suffering sensation to update addhaar card behind mobile number

3) They will ask you your documents, favorably have the funds for them your photocopy of aadhaar card and statement them your mobile number

4) Now, they will send an OTP concerning your mobile number

5) Give the OTP to them and authentic finger print statement upon biometric robot

6) After affluent notice, you will a sworn confirmation declaration upon your mobile number approximately linking addhaar card considering mobile number

7) Simply confession to that publication when Y

8) Thats it. Congratulations!! You have successfully similar your aadhar card subsequent to your mobile number. Now, you dont compulsion to encumbrance roughly any disintruption in your assistance.

Here are some frequently asked questions :-

FAQ :-

Q1 How much allocation will be charged for linking addhaar card gone mobile number ?

Ans You dont habit to pay anything. As this give support to is absolutely wandering.

Q2 How much epoch does addhaar card mobile number registeration ?

Ans The connected process takes just 24 hours. And you will obtain a accurately-off statement upon your mobile number within 24 hours of submiting documents.

Q3 How to associate addhaar card when mobile number online ?

Ans Currently, there is no foster through which you can update addhaar to your mobile number online. You pretentiousness to attain it offline.

Q4 Does all fan dependence to update mobile number subsequently aadhaar card ?

No. You need to update it by yourself if you have got an SMS upon your mobile number harshly the updation of addhar card.

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