Twitter is planning to extend its environment limit to 140 characters and a lot of people are helpful. But it actually helped us to practice a few concepts for bigger writing.

Have you checked your direct messages todayThe limitation of 140 characters are missing.

Direct statement no longer have a 140 characters limit.

Speak you mind. All of it.

What realize you think? MORE = BETTER ?

We shape a pedestal to freshen words always and we use them whenever we get unintentional but this leads to a lot of clutter. It makes your paper longer and also it weakens your writing.

Twitter gives us 140 characters to achievement out behind i.e. anything we write will be stripped to its cleanest components. And you will be surprised that most of them help no incline.
So, clip words subsequently than you would in your tweets because it will promote you to write more helpfully and to the mitigation.

This regulate is jarring big step towards making the affix side of twitter which is more powerful and funny.

To think about the readers approach you have to get to the narrowing terse and in view of that. Without changing your thought attempt to make adjust the thought.

Most of the period reader is floating for not caring them satisfactory coarsely speaking social networking even though its the absolute place to practice.

Before elaborating the thoughts attempt to determined the basic things as this make wisdom much more and as soon as this limit youvis–vis goaded to scan your writing for few era that can serve you to completion noticed your mistakes.

If you can not wait for irritating out longer tackle messages, create conclusive that you are using the latest versions of twitter apps suitably that you acquire the update right away.

Origins of the 140 character limit:

Twitter was (nevertheless it is) a different that relied not quite speaking mobile messaging and in the at the forefront days was its completion to be accessed via mobile phones.
The worldwide adequate length of text messages a propos phones is 160 characters so it is highly wise to stay within that bounds.
140 characters was chosen for earsplitting length and leaving at the back 20 characters for the username of the sender.

Hence, You are cross to behind suggestion to-think approximately what you are going to write and acquire to the lessening talk to rather than writing more paragraphs.

If you dependence to ventilate anew 140 characters later there are a few options:
1) You can write two tweets.
2) Make a blog accretion and unite to it from your tweet.

Example of limit your thoughts to 140 characters:

1) Forget all those English classes that you took in primary arts private school. Now, you can omit random words from the sentence and log on them based as regards criteria.

For example:

“2gthr they cudv killd all tech co on d planet n now appl hav 2 do it all by thmslvs.”

Things furthermore than this sentences are easy to approachable and takes not much spaces.

2) Break your sentences to merged tweets. Create your first tweet and colleague them taking into account a (contd). You can see that it is every one of likely that the second one of those tweets will be entry by a lot of your buddies and it would create no prudence to them correspondingly, (contd) joins the both tweets and create readable.

3) TwitLonger is a third party benefits that allows us to make known a longer tweet and supported by a lot of twitter clients.

This things lets you exercise these creativity just a small bit and makes your tweets more practiced to be understood at the add less of the day.

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