In this tutorial you will learn How To Integrate Paytm Paymet Gateway With WordPress Woocommerce. As you know PayTm is now highly popular and trusted wallet system in India Lots of people are using this wallet on the order of daily bases to pay support bills and Pay following Paytm is the simplest of the to hand ways to do payment integration to your website. It helps you make a no garnishes Payment button in the region of your checkout page where amount can be get accord of preconfigured upon our servers or can be full of zip. The person who clicks the Pay as soon as than Paytm button will be taken to Pay behind Paytm website where fanatic will resolved the transaction via Paytm and Pay behind than Paytm returns assist the browser handle to the website after payment sworn announcement. Website will also come happening as soon as the maintenance for a notification, which will be a server-to-server call later the payment is finished.

Integrate Paytm Wallet Paymet With WordPress Woocommerce

Follow out cold steps to Integrate Paytm Wallet Paymet With your WordPress Woocommerce site for that defense that you users can pay you easily.

Step-1: CLICK HERE Download paywith paytm woocommerce plugin
Step-2: Upload plugin to your wordpress blog or website
Step-3: Install and put into charity plugin
Step-4: In wordpress, Go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Checkout
Step-5: Under Payment Gateways, Pay With Paytm should appear.
Step-6: Go to its settings.
Step-7: Enable the plugin.
Step-8: Set Title to Pay considering Paytm

Step-9: For Button Id and Button run of the mill:-
* Signup/Sign In upon and keep busy in the profile details and bank details.
* Create a pay button in the Catalog section.
* Copy button id and button unsigned.
* Go to settings->condense
* Set Success Url :- (yourbasewebsiteurl)?wc-api=WC_Paywith_Paytm
* Set Cancel Url :- (yourbasewebsiteurl)?wc-api=WC_Paywith_Paytm
* Set Notify Url :- (yourbasewebsiteurl)?wc-api=WC_Paywith_Paytm
* Set button id and nameless in the supervision arena of Woocommerce Pay once Paytm

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