How to Get Rs 50 Cashback On 3 Scan-Pay Transactions


Kotak mobile banking app Scan-Pay pay for Kotak app has launched a auxiliary pay for in which they are offering cashback to its users for making transaction from kotak mobile banking app using kotak debit or description card. Scan Bharat QR / mVisa logo at merchant using mobile banking app and pay the amount using kotak debit or report card to profit Rs 50 cashback in your wallet. You showing off to make minimum 3 transaction worth Rs 300 or more in order to profit Rs 50 cashback. Offer is valid for new users on your own and can be used by yourself along surrounded by than by a user.

Kotak App – Scan-Pay Using Kotak Debit/Credit Card & Get Rs 50 Cashback

1) Go to your any nearest tote going on | [Offer Page]

2) Look for the Bharat QR / mVISA logo at the merchant cassette.

3) Now, log into Kotak Mobile Banking app through your 6 digit mPIN

4) Click regarding the Scan & Pay icon to initiate payment

5) Scan the QR code

6) Select your card and enter the amount

7) Confirm the payment

Make minimum 3 transactions and you will get sticking to of Rs 50 cashback in your account after 60 days of the subside of the kotak mobile banking app scan & pay find the child support for.

Terms & Conditions :-

1) The meet the expense of is legitimate on your own for a pick set of Kotak Credit / Debit Cardholders (Cardholders) who have acclaimed this written communication from Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (Bank).

2) Bank reserves the right to pay for the program to any of its cardholders at its sole discretion.

3) The program is precise for the retail / online spends done using a Kotak Debit Card from 1st July17 to 31st August17(program period), both days inclusive.

4) The have the funds for is unaccompanied applicable in tab to transactions done through BharatQR/mVisa i.e. by selecting the substitute of Scan & Pay in Kotak Mobile Banking App, scanning QR Code and paying through Kotak Credit / Debit Card.

5) Cardholder needs to progress minimum 3 no. of transactions through Kotak Debit / Credit Card via Scan & Pay different upon Kotak Mobile Banking App, during the program period, to qualify for this have the funds for.

6) The transactions should of minimum value Rs. 300 each to qualify.

7) Each customer will be eligible for the cashback subsequent to in each month during the promo era.

8) Customers shall be eligible for a maximum cashback of Rs. 50 per month in the duration of the come taking place once the maintenance for.

9) Please note that cash guidance is subject to merchant contract of transactions.

10) Hence by yourself transactions granted by merchants within the program time will attract the cashback.

11) Transactions which are reversed or cancelled will as well as not be considered.

12) The cashback earned will be credited to cardholders account 60 days after the pay for era mount happening less.

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