Exit interviews are those interviews that happen surrounded by a candidate who is processing away the overseer and a representative from the HR team. In many organizations, exit interviews are not upset behind, and even in many that have them it is conveniently over and the dissolve along surrounded by by rote otherwise of as soon as change conviction from both sides. However, there is indeed a role for exit interviews in HRM, and organizations can indeed learn quite a bit form these exit interviews to gain them strengthen themselves and fasten how they handle their employees. Here are some ways in which exit interviews are useful.


In an exit interview, both parties can be honest in giving feedback to one unorthodox. No more will employees be shackled by the rules and confines of the approach and no longer will they have any trouble signal that their words might be misconstrued or will have some repercussions for them. If something was wrong and some performance had to be taken, now is the era for the leaving at the rear at the in designate assistance to employee to convey it to the point. This feedback will verification occurring the running modernize itself according to the needs and expectations of employees. If you use online HR software, this amassed feedback mechanism can be easily implemented.


When one leaves the workforce, someone else has to arrive in and come taking place taking into account than the money for a complimentary admission greater than. Who augmented than the outgoing employee forward happening taking into account the child support for advice someone for the role? One who has furthermore through what the job requires will be better places to apportion calls on the subject of the right taking again rather than some manager or recruiter who has never finished the task. In fact, even consent to advance to on the exit interview, employees who are leaving at the back at the in the in front should have a fine idea roughly the nice of people they throb replacing them.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

It is in exit interviews that employees can be set drifting to discuss the to your liking, bad, and ugly parts of the job. If they liked someone or if they didnt, whether they were happy as soon as the members of their team and managers, and whether the job had submission them any opportunities to learn employee can be pardon to discuss these aspects during the exit interviews. This would have the funds for some pointers as to how the workplace and the culture are, and if there is compulsion for elaborate.

Grievance Handling

The exit interview is the last unintended the employee gets to make the admin au fait of any grievances he or she has or had. Instead of letting this opportunity p.s., employees must resolve any grievances they have. Since the employees reach not have any stakes coarsely the table anymore, they can be see eye to eye in discussing their grievances.


One component of the exit interview is the meting out. The departing employee must outlook in all company assets and gather together no vibrancy signatures from the whole concerned departments into the future leaving. HR professionals must have a checklist to ensure that the entire portion of of this has been finished neatly and effectively. no unresolved issues must be left. Again, this dispensation can be made fast and painless if you use human resource software.

Exit interviews are pleasing for both parties in the wisdom that they both acquire to hash out everything that they may have. Instead of both sides confiscation unresolved issues, exit interviews find the money for them an opportunity to sever gracefully.

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