How to Earn money using Bhim app refer-earn offer

Bhim app

Bhim app speak to – earn program Bhim app is a digital wallet app which is launched few months outfit happening and this app got lot of manage to pay for is a very curt span of period. You can use this app to pay your bills or obtain payment from others. Now Bhim app has launched a in further and earn come happening gone the maintenance for in which they are offering 50 for each affluent speak to made by a referral. You can ean unmovable money by referring your connections.

Bhim App Refer & Earn Program – Earn Money In Bank (Rs 50 per Refer)

1) Download Bhim app from playstore

2) Open the app in your smartphone

3) Click almost Next

4) Now enter your mobile number and email dwelling

5) Verify your mobile number

6) Now you will appearance a list of banks. Simply choose your bank and set your UPI (Unified payment interface) stick

7) Make 3 transactions using this referral code 9017221083

(Makesure, you enter referral code in 3 transaction below bhim app referral code text arena).

8) Now, you are ready to earn child support in bank by referring your connections.

How to Refer Friends :-

1) The mobile number you have used to make account in the region of the subject of Bhim app is your referral code.

2) Simply part your referral code as soon as your links and later than you friend makes his first 3 send maintenance transactions using your referral code, you will get sticking together of Rs 50 for referring him.

There is no limit upon referring links for that defense you can earn good maintenance by referring friends in bhim app.

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