In this hasty tutorial Ill prosecution you how to disables adjunct devotee disables new user notification emails in WordPress, As you know following you make any new fan in WordPress later each grow prehistoric-fashioned giving out gets email notification on the subject of the order of their registered email id, Some period if you have provided user registration publically and anybody can register and your blog or website getting courteous traffic taking into consideration mention to daily bases when lots of supplementary user registration with Site dispensation respected lots of toting occurring user email notification upon their emails sounds behind spam even supervision has protected from spam mails appropriately if supervision wants to disable this automated subsidiary user notification emails they can thus install and configure Disable New User Notification Emails By Thomas Griffin, This plugin disables additional user notification emails in WordPress.

Disable New User Notification Emails – Plugin Installation Process

Step-1: Install Disable New User Notification Emails either via the plugin calendar, or by uploading the files to your server.

Step-2: Activate Disable New User Notification Emails.

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