In this tutorial I am going to speak not quite How to block spammer IP Address in Shared Hosting Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator. If attackers killing your server memory by continuous crawling your pages or stealing your content, You can clearly block that particular IP quarters or selected IP range. This method will past you to prevent from attackers who are killing your CPU resources and making your website by the side of.

following are the steps to block IP Address in Shared Hosting

Note: Here i am using my godaddy account, concerning all the shared hosting has same steps
Step-1: Log in to your shared hosting cpanel account.
Step-2: In the Security section, click IP Blocker, Or use Ctrl+F and locate for IP Blocker
Step-3: Now Add IP domicile or range you ache to block, and later click Add. see attached screen shot.

The above method automatically writes rules in your .htaccess to deny from deafening IP habitat. You can directly use .htaccess rules to block IP domicile and bad boats. follow this tutorial: How to Block IP Address from accessing your website using .htaccess

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