How to access shared hosting account with SSH

SSH Command, access shared hosting

Best Question Solution for How to access shared hosting account with SSH. Why we need to access share hosting because More than 800 MB DB you  can export import through command and Many more Option. This is very help full function which person don’t know about Accessing Hosting account using SSH.

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Here is step for access shared hosting account with SSH

Step-1: First you have to create SSH key.

Step-2: If you have generated SSH key (public key & private key) successfully, time to configure in your shared hosting account.

Step-3: login into your shared hosting cpanel. and find “SSH Access” under Security tab.

Step-4: Enable SSH access and import your local ssh private and public key on server.
For E.g.: Go to command line and and open private and public key via vim/nano editor.
Private key

vim .ssh/id_rsa

As same you can access public key and add both the keys on shared hosting server.

vim .ssh/

Step-5: All done, access shared server via SSH, Open terminal and type
ssh username@server_ip

ssh jitesh@

You can see your server ip address in your control panel or just ping your server and see ip address.

If you are able to access your server via ssh, Now you can do anything by command line.

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