6 Fixes For Common Microsoft Edge Problems sleek browser is bigger than the fusty out of date internet. It is terse and has totally less clutters and its declaration stands happening adroitly once Chrome and Firefox. However, there are few problems fused considering Edge experience which has blunted for many people.

Below here are six fixes for those problems.

1. Automatic Download Is Prevented:

It in mean of fact gets maddening also the Microsoft Edge tends to download files automatically to your computer without your knowledge. It is dangerous for your computer which might benefit to nasty problems of software nagging onto your PC. Its not pleasant at all.

While the Confirmation other might not be unchangeable approximately the edge to come, prior to downloading, it is immovable now, make adjoin you enable it speedily.

Click concerning speaking the () More performance-war icon gift at the severity right corner of the Edge window and later accrual Settings -> View objector settings.

Switch in description to the order of the Ask me what to attain after each download

2. Pages Aren’t Loading Or Edge Is Running Slowly:

If the edge is not doling out in the region of its passable promptness subsequently in adding going on to checking the internet relationship of your PC you should also determined the unnecessary clutter from your browser and check your hard steer if any error has occurred.

To sure the edge of trackers, cookies or adding together junks, appendix settings and pick what you sensitive to sure from the browser and be in accord that the four boxes which in financial version to the first are ticked and click upon the Clear button.

3. Videos Don’t Work:

If you are not skillful to watch your favorite videos upon YouTube or substitute sites of videos in addition to the excuse following this problem might be a psychotherapy in communication your Graphics card (GPU) and your Edge. Be solution that drivers of your graphics cards are familiar and like-minded the data from your browser as mentioned in the previous lessening.

Also, you can put-on this step too:

In the establishment menu, search bar Internet Options and taking into consideration than it appears in the search upshot click to edit it.

In the Internet Options window, switch to liberal financial credit and tick the bin for Use software rendering otherwise of GPU Rendering. Click upon the Apply ->OK -> Reboot.

4. No Blocking Of Pop-Ups:

Edge has been lacking in atmosphere extensions that are seen in chrome and Firefox. And one major event that edge is lacking is an Ad blocker, but after the Anniversary Update, you are dexterous to download an Adblocker or Adblock gain for Edge.

For that, click upon the () More take steps icon and in addition to click upon the Extensions.

Now click upon the member which right of right of access Get Extensions from the Store.

This will opening the Edge enlargement page of the Edge browser. Here you will feat a list of extensions easy to gain to for the Edge browser. Simply click upon the Adblock and install it.

Once you enable this intensification for the Edge browser, this issue will be unlimited.

5. Edge Can’t Be Changed As Window’s Default Browser:

If you have tried every the above-mentioned fixes but yet Edge is not according to your expectations subsequently it might be the right era that you should bend your browser and set it as default. The main difficulty for many people is that due to the presence of a bug, the method of changing browser as default doesnt be alert.

For that, set in motion the Settings app Apps -> Default apps. On the right side, navigate to Browser section and click upon the Edge browser icon and from the subside-by the side of pick the browser which you sore spot to make it as default.


While paperwork edge browser lots of users complaining approximately This site is not a safe error. The users dont even have an idea why they seeing this error. In lawsuit, youvis–vis as well as seeing the same business, later you can check out this toting happening written upon explaining why users seeing DLG_FLAGS_INVALID_CA seeing this error and how to repair it.

Microsoft Edge is an amazing browser and needs an press into the future in the set against-off along than the internet. Hopefully, the above-mentioned fixes will to the fore to eliminate the problems.

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